Looking for the Eternal Pretorian Alliance?

You're too late.

EPA disbanded

EPA has disbanded

Yep. That's it.


Comments from our (ex-)members

  • die you soab die
    - Destron Aurilen
  • Destron made me Head Diplo, then we failscaded.
    - Maheel D'Yvettes
  • The bitch is dead.
    - Murkar Omaristos
  • It has been dead for ages. We are the parasites that have been living in it's dead rotting body. Half of our members don't even play eve.
    - Gabriel Mernher
  • I'm glad we're going back to Provi.
    - Carbon Alabel

EPA going into hibernation

As you may or may not already know, EPA is disbanding.

As none of us can be bothered to run an alliance, but we somewhat like the logo, ticker and name we currently have, we are going to keep the alliance alive using a holder corp, while the corporations which are currently our members are either already dead, or are in the process of joining another alliance, looking for one or are planning to set out on their own.

If you are looking for more details, please refer to the following two mails:

The Future!
From: Murkar Omaristos
Sent: 2015.10.11 02:04
To: The Alabaster Albatross

Saddens me to say
From: Destron Aurilen
Sent: 2015.10.12 14:31
To: Eternal Pretorian Alliance

Also, consider taking a look at old issues of EPA News to remember what this alliance used to be like.

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